Use referral contests to create friendly competition and encourage your brand advocates to share

Referral Contest Ideas

Contests and sweepstakes are a great way to engage your customers. An easy way to track these type of promotions is using a referral platform. Looking for some referral contest ideas?

There are many different ways to use referrals to power these type of programs:

1) Encourage Sharing
To incentivize customers to share your brand, you can create a sweepstakes using referrals where everyone that refers a friend during a period of time is entered into a drawing to win a prize.

2) Encourage Multiple Shares
Another option is to incentive your customers to share more than once. While #1 is focused on many people sharing, this is all about the Advocates sharing as many times as possible. You can easily do this by using referral program to track the number of shares of each Advocate, and at the end of the allotted time reward the one with the most shares.

3) Internal Competition
Create an internal contest to increase referrals and engage your sales reps. This option works great for companies with sales reps or employees that interact directly with the customers. For example, we worked with a prominent brand to track which of their stores around the country could generate the most referrals. The locations were rewarded based on the number of referrals their store could generate at the end of each month.

Your referral contest should focus on making it as simple and enticing for your customers or sales reps to share. Learn more best practices from our lastest guide.

Learn More Best Practices From Our Lastest Guide.

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