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Referral Marketing Platform

With happy and engaged customers who appreciate the products you sell, you have a powerful way to encourage them to connect your brand with their friend and family. The best way is with a referral marketing platform. Referral marketing platforms are revolutionizing marketing in retail and financial services by making it easier and more efficient to unlock the power of sharing by your loyal customers.

At the same time, it has become exceedingly important to invest in referral marketing programs as influencers have taken over the role of celebrities in spreading awareness about brands and products. But  influencers can be hard to find and recruit. Fortunately, your best influencers are right in front of you: your customers.

Extole’s referral marketing platform can help take you from zero to hero by letting your customers recommend your brand and products to their friends. They want to do – you just have to let them.

With Extole’s platform, marketers have the power to launch, measure and optimize refer-a-friend programs. Get the upper hand with:

  1. Audience segments automatically generated by the platform so that you will be able identify, quantify, and reach different types of customers including people with enormous social followings and people who drive significant referral revenue
  2. A powerful system of rewards that let you initiate sharing and all the while protect you thoroughly from  fraud
  3. Custom experiences that match your brand and your message

Revolutionize the way your business does marketing with Extole; learn more about Extole’s platform and join the referral movement today.

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