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In the last few years, some marketers have depended on social networking to drive brand awareness and increase engagement, but there’s one problem: Once a message goes viral, the online discussion gets out of the company’s hand. That’s where referral marketing comes into play. Referral marketing helps you track what customers are saying about your brand, turning these conversations into meaningful customer acquisition and increased engagement.

Friend recommendations are a viral marketing technique that can be driven,  measured and quantified with referral marketing. Extole’s cross-channel platform will help you reach your customers online, on mobile, in-app, and even offline (i.e. catalogs, in store, in packaging), helping you drive new customer acquisition, engagement, revenue, and awareness. Your Facebook likes and twitter followers are customers’ endorsement for your brand, so why not encourage all your existing loyal fans to refer their friends to your brand? Again, the answer is referral marketing. A referral program will empower your loyal customers to refer their friends to your brand, at Extole we call that marketing through your customers.

Brands like Starbucks, Microsoft, and American Express are seeing great results using Extole’s cross-channel platform. Check out our 2022 Referral Guide to learn how referral marketing could be a successful acquisition channel for your brand.

Check Out Our 2023 Referral Guide

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