Encourage and facilitate the referral process

Referral Program Ideas

Word of mouth marketing is powerful and continues to be rated as one of the most powerful forms of marketing. However, it can be very difficult to measure. Setting up a referral program is a great way not only to reward existing customers, but to assist in actual tracking of the “word of mouth” marketing push with concrete measurements.

Extole is a great platform to use when needing referral program ideas. Precisely target the customers you want with a reach you did not have before Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Expand on the trust people have when a referral comes from family or friends.

Extole can help you develop the following referral program ideas both on mobile and desktop:

  • Advocate codes which are easily passed along
  • Dedicated referral menu items
  • Quick address book access
  • Streamlined sharing
  • Personalization and asset creation to encourage more advocacy

Referral marketing is an important and powerful component for every business. Download the referral guide to see the difference great referral program ideas can do for your business.

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