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Referral Rewards

A referral reward is just as it sounds: a reward of cash, loyalty points, discounts, or other form given for successfully referring a new customer. Encourage your advocates to share across every channel with a seamless and integrated referral experience that provides referral rewards as well.

Extole is the best leading enterprise advocacy platform on the market today and can help you drive brand advocacy and influence.

To setup successful referral rewards you need to:

  1. Push early and often – Present referral opportunities your customers want to share
  2. Referrals needs to be seamless and easy – Make the referral process as frictionless as possible
  3. Allow referrals to happen everywhere – Laptops, mobile devices, and tablets are where your consumers engage with your brand
  4. Give personalized context – A recommendation from a friend is special and personable

Referrals lead to new customers who in turn become loyal advocates. Download the guide and let Extole show you how easy referral rewards can be.

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