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Referral Marketing Program

The power of referrals is highly impactful in today’s market. Consumer buying decisions are heavily influenced by family, friends, social media influencers, and colleagues. We as consumers eat at restaurants recommended to us by friends, buy clothes from stores suggested to us by colleagues, and even pick dentists and doctors based on the recommendation of family members. It’s time for your business to invest in a referral marketing program that can make the consumer’s decision to refer a friend easy, efficient, and rewarding. Extole’s referral marketing program does all of that and more with:

  • Customized refer-a-friend experiences that ensure your brand is center stage
  • Complete analytics to give you high level insight on how your brand is doing in the social sphere
  • Automatic influencer segments to target your biggest influencers and revenue drivers

How we as consumers choose to spend our money is heavily influenced by the people around us. Turn your customers into brand advocates with Extole’s referral marketing program today and create an experience built for and shaped by the consumer. Download the best practices guide today.

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