Are your analytics helping or hurting?

Social Referral Tracking

Are you taking advantage of driving traffic to your business through the power of social media? If you are, how do you know? Can you measure your success, or lack there of, and make any necessary changes needed?

First you need to create goals and objectives. Increasing referrals by a certain percentage within a certain time frame is an example.

Nobody helps you establish word of mouth social referral tracking in your marketing program better than Extole.

Well known businesses such as Virgin America and Starbucks employ Extole for their social referral tracking. Consider the following reasons why you should utilize Extole for social referral tracking:

  • Push advocates towards the right social channels
  • Provide more personalized referral sharing
  • Making sure advocates receive the rewards they earn
  • Pinpoint your super advocates
  • Get the inside story about how consumers describe your products and services

Just remember the key to improving social referral tracking is be measuring, and analyzing constantly. Download our guide today and Extole can show you ways to enhance each of these areas for your business.

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