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Brand Ambassador Experience

What is it that determines whether you had a good or bad brand ambassador experience? Was it a lack of trust for who or what delivered the referral? What about how the referral was delivered? How many of us despise the amount of spam comes to our email inbox?

Extole’s is committed to turning regular customers into brand ambassadors. Even with the amount of social presence companies have today, nothing beats a good old fashioned personal recommendation for a restaurant or clothing store.

Extole looks to build upon a good brand ambassador experience by:

  • Tracking word of mouth referrals
  • Providing tools to help companies market themselves, achieve certain goals, and gain ambassadors
  • Helping our customers find advocates and those advocates can create and share social content about a positive purchase or experience

Businesses use customer-generated content all the time to promote themselves.Download the guide now and see how to start rewarding customers for producing their own content that helps bring in business.

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