Connecting people to your business

Brand Ambassador Programs

People utilize products and services to connect and interact while sharing or commenting about affiliations with your brand. This is why you need to build brand ambassador programs for your business.

Extole’s enterprise platform can help you create brand ambassador programs with new ways of communicating and advertising your brand and image. Every company has a social presence. The key is to take advantage of that presence and let it work for you. Getting personal recommendations to boost sales are more powerful than any print, tv, or radio media can accomplish.

When starting a brand ambassador program, remember:

  • Advocacy is everywhere – New products, promotions, and loyalty programs are successful as they are visible all the time
  • Frictionless sharing – Sharing needs to be effortless and easy
  • Instant gratification – Send rewards immediately, trigger check in emails, and automatically send a thank you

Make your referral program easy for people to find, easy to use, and compelling to participate in.

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