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Lead Generation Marketing

Brands spend large sums to generate high-quality leads to start a lasting relationship with their brand. Identifying quality leads or those predisposed to connect with a company’s message or product is becoming increasingly difficult. Although many services offer tools to cast a wide net of low-quality leads, Extole’s solution helps companies market to leads with referrals, targeting the friends and family of their best customers who are inclined to listen to their recommendations. Some things to consider when sourcing and acting on high-quality leads:


Identify Your Best Customers

The first step in finding which customers will be successful is identifying the traits that your best customers embody. Extole allows for you to target these superstar users, and gives them the simple and seamless ability to refer their friends on your site.


Target Leads in Similar Ways

After identifying your best customers friends and family, target them in similar ways to your strongest current customers. With Extole’s configurable platform, you can identify which strategies work the best and constantly update them to fit the unique personas of your new high-quality leads.


Constantly Empower Your Customers To Refer 

By providing promotional materials that match your business’s best practices, you can nurture customers, prompting them to share your brand with their friends. Extole’s best-in-class solution gives marketers powerful tools at their fingertips, allowing them to align their strategies in real-time.


In a time when marketers are inefficiently choosing the quantity of leads, over the quality of leads, the businesses that capitalize on their best customers are seeing extraordinary value. Extole’s solution helps brands identify their best customers, and target their friends and family with a fully customizable solution to help businesses become better at lead generation marketing.

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