Where to go for word of mouth marketing

Referral Marketing Sites

Referral marketing sites have shown over and over they are best at not only growing your business, but retaining customers through sales and conversion. It makes sense as we go to family and friends all the time for advice on movies, restaurants, and places to stay when traveling.

Extole’s platform is perfect to take advantage of word of mouth reviews and stories about everyday products and services.

Using Extole’s platform not only enables you to have a successful referral campaign, but also lets you:

  1. Target With Precision – Your perfect advertising message does no good if you cannot reach the right audience
  2. Capture the Trust Factor – A product recommendation coming from friends and family holds more weight than one from a salesperson you know works on commission
  3. Influence and Acquire -Leverage the power of social media has with your existing customers

Referral marketing sites are a powerful and important component for businesses. Download the guide now and let Extole help you navigate a better way to use word of mouth referrals.

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