The "how to" of refer a friend programs

Referral Marketing Guide

When done right, referral marketing works exceptionally well. There are many studies that show how referral marketing is the best low cost method for generating revenue. Finding the perfect referral marketing guide makes all the difference in the world.

Extole’s enterprise platform is the best referral marketing guide on the market.  Referral marketing can seem daunting at first, and even hard to execute at the beginning. The fundamental point is to effectively communicate and incentivize advocates.

Extole, as your referral marketing guide, will help you:

  1. Tap Into Your Customer Loyalty Members – Loyalty members tend to spend more than the average customer
  2. Design for Mobile – Make your mobile referral experience super easy for customers and not miss out
  3. Ask Customers to Refer Right After They Buy – The post-purchase stage is an opportunity when customers are feeling excited about their purchase and more likely to refer

People trust recommendations from friends and family. Download our guide now and see how Extole can be your referral marketing guide to a better program.

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