Do you have the right tools to ensure the success of your social media campaign?

Successful Social Media Campaign Examples

37 minutes. That’s how long the typical American spends per day on a social network site. We are all too aware that that same 37 minutes can quickly turn into two hours, which can and often does stretch into four hours. These are marketable minutes, and to say that’s “marketing potential” is an understatement. We are all prone to social media’s appeal, and companies nationwide are taking note. Social media brings brand awareness and customer retention to the forefront. Are your social media campaigns snagging the right customer, at the right time, where they choose to engage?

Extole is taking the customer experience to new levels with a platform centered on customer acquisition. With Extole, you can turn social media from a platform built on garnering awareness to an acquisition channel. Extole gives you, the marketer, the control to make word-of-mouth effective.

No need to shell out the big bucks, turning social media campaigns into revenue is simple and easy with Extole.

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